Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer of Transitions

The summer of transitions: divorce, new relationship, and now...a new job. The term "new job" is almost a misnomer, since I was in the original cast of employees when Ravenna Third Place first opened their doors. I worked there for some years before leaving to enter into the wonderful world of fatherhood. Major changes started to occur both internally and externally when I was "fired" from my full-time position as stay-at-home dad last fall. I was immediately pressed into finding a full-time paying job during one of the most trying economic times in our country since the Great Depression. My significant other wasn't hearing any excuses for my lack of employment opportunities, so soon we were living apart. Somehow I always had a feeling (and hope) that I would end up back in one of the bookstores, where I had always had a good track record. In bookstores there is always a changing of the guard, as people go back to school, or find higher paying jobs. I felt that it was just a matter of time before I could wend my way back into their doors. So today at 2 pm I will be once again behind the counter at Ravenna Third Place books. The evening shifts will throw a little monkey wrench into the schedule that my wife and I had worked out, as far as Justin's care goes, but maybe she should have remembered that well-worn phrase "be careful what you wish for..." last year when a somewhat bigger monkey wrench was inserted into my daily existence.

I usually wake up with some song ringing in my head, and this morning was no different. On Friday the song was "Spiders and Snakes" by Jim Stafford, most likely brought about by my new partner's aversion to the arachnid species. (Anyone who knows me well knows that I have affinity for spiders. I even have one permanently inked upon my back.) Yesterday the song of the day was "Secret Lovers" by Atlantic Starr, and I won't go into the reasons for why that song may have been in my head yesterday. And believe me, I had to look up the group that made that song popular. It appears that my capacity for trivia is not without it's glitches. Today, appropriately enough, the song in my head this morning was Elvis Costello's "Welcome to the Working Week."

And while were on the subject of Elvis Costello: here is a killer version of "Radio, Radio" with Elvis and the Beastie Boys. Enjoy! And from one working stiff to another...have fun today!

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