Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Peek Into the Past

I just spent about 45 minutes rereading some of my writings stored in my computer. The entries were anywhere between five and twelve years old. Some was straight fiction, and others were biographical in nature. All of it was in the "sad but true" mold. Memories I had dug up from the recesses of my mind, and laid out on paper to revisit, like picking at an old wound. It's always good to go back and read my stuff, because inevitably I end up thinking "Hey, this isn't bad." And believe me...I'm my own worst critic. Once I get some distance from the material I can better judge it's quality. Whenever I allow friends and acquaintances to read my writings they usually apply some compliment such as "you're a great writer," but I'm humble and enjoy nothing more than trying to crush my own ego beneath my size 10 ½ foot. I feel that it's my moral duty to be modest and unassuming. It keeps me reaching for greater things.

I spent the day with my son Justin. He's such a wonderful child, and full of life and curiosity. His mind is wide open, and if I could do anything as a parent it would be to enable him to maintain that demeanor for the rest of his life. First I need to teach him to be kind to bugs...all insects, including spiders. He's getting better at this. Lately he has taken to placing ants upon himself and his father...just for kicks. Just so he can exclaim, "Look guys! I have bugs on my shirt!" Those are my proud moments.

After arising at 6:30 this morning, and driving over to the house to care for Justin, I am truly looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Now that I work from 2 pm until 10:30 pm I've given myself permission to sleep in much later. Sometimes as late as ten in the morning. (Gasp!) I'm looking forward to ordering a few books this week, including the last three volumes of Frederick Copleston's History of Philosophy. I've slowly bought the volumes in order over the years, and with the last three I will have the complete nine volume set. Some people gain pleasure from fast cars, or expensive cigars. Me? A complete nine-volume history of philosophy will give me shivers of pleasure.

Right now I'm in the midst of doing something I've been putting off for a while, and that's restoring my iPod. I've been putting it off, because it entails erasing everything from the unit and having to reload it all from my PC. Lately my iPod - which I've dubbed eXistenZ, has taken to pausing during playback, sometimes every few seconds. Last night I was ready to throw it against the wall, but instead I decided to try this last ditch effort at setting it straight. The only problem is that it takes a long time to reload over 12,000 songs, and I like to lay in bed at night, listening to music. I'm still waiting....waiting...waiting.

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