Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Means Work

I'll be heading into work in just an hour or so. I enjoyed sleeping in until about 9:30 this morning sans guilt. Since then I have been lounging about, checking news online and reading Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg. I'm enjoying the Silverberg book. I've previously read about a half dozen of his novels. Dying Inside was recently republished with cover blurbs by Michael Chabon and Jonathan Lethem. It's an interesting novel about a telepath, who seems to be losing his natural ability as he lurches into his 40's. An interesting take on all artists (and human beings in general) losing a step or two as they inevitably age. My only quibble is that sometimes the book seems little dated, having been written in the early 1970's. A little too many ethnic stereotypes, and objectification of women, but that could be written off as traits of the character rather than the author.

I'm determined to eat lunch at home today, since I've been eating out way too much lately and the practice is quickly draining my funds. Those funds could better be used buying books with my employee discount. I do think that I'll end up eating dinner at the Vios resturaunt, which is connected to the bookstore. I get 50% off there! Plus I need to taste-test their orzo salad.

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