Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Also Means...

Monday also means that it's been a week since I last made a blog entry. What's up with that? I thought I had a renewed intention to blog more regularly? Oh well. Sometimes life gets in the way of trivial tasks like updating a blog. I had good intentions when I planned to see a movie yesterday, but I ended up postponing those plans. I am quite looking forward to seeing "(500) Days of Summer," but it just opened last Friday, so I'm confident that it will be playing for at least a few more weeks. Maybe I can muster the energy to go this coming Sunday. Yesterday, by the time Justin laid down for his nap at 1 pm, I was already feeling like I needed a nice long nap. Instead I was able to spend the evening with someone, who is very important to me, and I even got a fine home-cooked meal out of the deal.

I'll be heading out to work shortly, stopping on the way to deposit my very first paycheck. Ooo, that's so exciting! Meanwhile I've been catching up on laundry, and washing dishes left over from last night's dinner. I'll be heading over to the house after work to care for Justin. The rumor is that my wife will be getting out of work at 2 am, and my plan is to come back to my apartment at that time. It'll be much easier to sleep in here at "home," then to wake up at the crack of dawn with Justin.

I'm about halfway through the novel Erased by Jim Krusoe. My intention is to write a staff pick for the title once I am through, but now I just need to carve out some time to finish it. Next week Jen's parents are in town. That means that I'll be doing a little less parenting, since they'll be on grandparent duty for that week. I'm sure I'll meet up with them at some point, most likely for a lunch at Jalisco's.

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