Tuesday, June 23, 2009

These Days...

These days it has become difficult for me to blog regularly. It's not that my life is an empty vacuum. Actually, the situation is at the opposite end of the scale. I seem so damn busy, that I barely have time to breath. Some might say that I should pause to consider all of the various aspects of my life that I currently find myself in. I feel that if I stop to consider anything, I may just fall to the ground weeping. My life is still filled to the brim with things both wonderful and horrible (if one considers divorce a horrible episode.)

On Father's Day I attended a Mariners game with my son Justin. He liked the game, but he really liked the cotton candy and easy access to the candy that the young girl in front of him was eating. We left just before the 8th inning. The Mariners were ahead 1-0. Who could have guessed that Felix would give up a two-run homer in the 8th, and that the Mariners, of all teams, would come back to win in the 9th. Justin didn't mind. He exclaimed as we exited that he had fun, and -- as I predicted -- he was asleep in the car before ten minutes had passed.

On the good news front: I may soon have a full-time position at Ravenna Third Place. I had worked there for a few years before Justin came into my life. I'm not crazy about the idea of working solely night shifts, but I'll take what I can get at this point. I still have a few friends at the bookstore, and I actually think that I might enjoy the job a little more now that the Honey Bear Cafe is gone. The bookstore feels more like a bookstore now, instead of just an annex to the coffee shop with the free wi-fi.

Another wonderful aspect of my transitioning life is my new found love. She just can't seem to get enough of me, which is a welcome change. She's also a great cook, loves movies and books, and...well, you get the picture. There are good things afoot in my life, and for that I am thankful. Not thankful to any make-believe deity mind you, but thankful to myself for keeping my head above troubled waters, and being successful at being the real me when it counts (always!)

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