Monday, June 8, 2009

Post Birthday Post

I did it! I survived yet another birthday. I have now been roaming around this planet for 48 years and 2 days. I am nearing the end of my second marriage, after nearly 13 years of connubial bliss. Well, I guess "bliss" wouldn't be quite the right word. Bliss wouldn't be something that one would voluntarily choose to end. Recently I heard the line "I love you, I just can't live with you." I'm not sure where I've heard that before, but it certainly sounds recycled to me. At age 48 I am also the father of a wonderful three-year-old boy. My son Justin is just an amazing little kid, and my world has been expanded by having him in it. The best part of my birthday last Friday was hanging out in the backyard with Justin. There was a cool breeze blowing across the neighborhood, and we were enjoying ourselves by tossing Frisbees from one corner of the yard to another. Justin was very excited for me on my birthday. He wanted to do it all over the next day. He sang "Happy Birthday" to me, and had a hand in making the cake.

The Seattle International Film Festival is currently in full swing. Last year I had good intentions, but I only ended up seeing one film: Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God." I couldn't miss that one. This year I am faring much better. I have seen three films so far, with at least one more on the horizon. So far the countries represented in my film-going are South Korea, Japan, and Canada. I'll try and give a more detailed account of the films I've seen once the festival is complete.

This past Thursday I saw a live performance by Neko Case at the Paramount in downtown Seattle. I had always admired her voice, but wasn't a regular listener. After seeing her live I haven't been able to stop listening to her. Her natural vocal talents gives me chills. I had tears in my eyes after hearing her first few notes the other evening. The opening act was Jason Lytle, former lead singer for Grandaddy. I was quite looking forward to seeing him, but his show was a little unpolished, and subdued. It also would have been nice to hear at least one Grandaddy song.

Neko Case singing "This Tornado Loves You" from her latest release Middle Cyclone.

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