Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to Normal

Mother and son are back from their camping trip at Deception Pass, which also means that I return to my parenting duties for the next couple of days. Justin has soccer practice tomorrow. His group is called the "Hoppers" appropriately enough. He missed his first class, but it's not as if he had homework, or would even remember the simple directions that the youngsters are given to follow. His ability to follow directions has obviously improved since starting soccer, and it's fun to watch the toddlers run about for an hour. I get to be one of the proud parents on the sideline rooting him on, and exhorting him to pay attention to his couch. After soccer I may drop by Ravenna Third Place to browse their 40% off sale, and also to check on the status of the open position on the evening shift. I'm still hoping to get back in there in a fulltime position soon.

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