Sunday, June 28, 2009

Awaiting My Release

Between dog-sitting and parenting duties, I have been away from my apartment for four nights now. I am looking forward to getting back "home," surrounded by my book and movie collections. Tomorrow I've been urged to contact a divorce lawyer to look over relevant paperwork. Talking to lawyers is never a pleasant experience for me, even if they're supposedly on my side. On Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment, solely to recheck my high blood pressure medication, and to ensure that I continue on my road to emotional recovery. Tuesday evening I will be back to care for Justin while Jen is at work removing more corn cobs from the innards of golden retrievers.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday, because I have made reservations at a hotel in Edmonds for two nights. Two nights away to read, walk along the docks and generally forget my responsibilities for a brief time. I've been told that I've earned this little sabbatical, and this time I would have to agree. Let's hope that the jacuzzi tub and fireplace aid in my attempt at relaxation. I'm hoping that I can finish reading The Light of Falling Stars close to my departure date, so that I can sink my teeth into another good book at the start of my break.

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