Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Virus That Never Dies

I have been battling the latest cold virus for about three weeks. There was a brief time last week when I could feel myself emerging from a cold-induced fog, but then my wife caught the bug full force. Now it seems that Justin and I have had a relapse. I've been coughing hard enough to make me worry that I'm likely to throw my back out. My symptoms have been bad enough to warrant the taking of cold medicine, and I usually avoid those over-the-counter cold "cures" as much as possible. The biggest downside of my viral relapses is that it has put off my move into the new apartment. The move is going to be stressful enough -- and I've started to feel that stress -- so I'd like to leave this nasty cold by the side of the road somewhere. My priorities are getting a new double bed delivered, and cable Internet set up. Once those necessities are accomplished then it's just a matter of moving over a few hundred books, DVDs, and Cd's. Most of my culture collection will be left at the house, otherwise I wouldn't have room to walk through the new place. I'm quite ready to get in there to enjoy some quietude, and have the time to start a serious job hunt. Something out there must turn up, so that I can stay in that apartment for at least a year.

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