Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook, Melancholia, et al.

I've been spending too much time on Facebook today. It wasn't all a waste though, because I had been wanting to post some pictures, and I finally got that done. Other than that I'm getting some laundry done before heading to the house to care for Justin tonight. Yesterday evening I spent a few hours looking over want ads online. I even posted my resume on Amazon, hoping that they might have some suitable position open in the near future. Other than trying to find a decent job in this economy, life is going along fine. My social calendar gets filled up quickly, and it's nice to know that I have friends out here in the Pacific Northwest that are there for me in the tough times.

I've been listening to a lot of melancholy music lately, but I have found it soothing rather than debilitating. Sometimes it's nice to have a soundtrack that mirrors events in life. Artists I have found helpful recently are Ben Folds, Tracy Bonham, Aimee Mann and Lucinda Williams. It could be worse: I could be listening to weepy country music and drinking six-packs of Miller. I have confidence that my situation will never develop into that. There is too much sunshine and friendship awaiting me outside this door.

Another Random Thought

• Every afternoon I hear someone practicing their singing lessons. A voice teacher must live nearby. It’s a heartwarming sound, especially on a clear sunny day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

• I only recently noticed the Mexican gentlemen at the exits to Home Depot, hoping to pick up some construction work.
• While driving by a nearby funeral home I noticed that their clock display and the time on my car clock were in sync. Any hidden meanings there?
• Stay-at-home dad is the first job that I have ever been fired from.

Friday, April 17, 2009

To Feel Ensconced

I was at Staples yesterday, picking up a cord cover for the Comcast cable that runs across my floor, when the sales-woman told me she loved moving into a new place. Gosh, I don't think I would quite put it that way. Now that I have a couple of full bookcases, and probably a few hundred DVDs to choose from, I am starting to feel more at home. There is still a job to find in order to keep afloat, but I can't let the lack of an income at this point deter any good feelings that may come my way. It was not my choice to move out of my house, but most things happen for a reason. Or at least I used to feel that way. More likely I have to find a reason, and meaning for the events that transpire. In days past I was a "glass is half-empty" kind of guy, but I've become more optimistic. Part of my renewed optimism may come from being a parent of a wonderful son. Part of it may be finally getting a handle on my depression that has nagged me most of my waking life. Some of it is surely due to having a sane and intelligent leader in the White House for the first time in years. I haven't failed to notice that most hardcore Republicans have gone off the rails with their "tea-bagging" parties and threats to secede from the nation. Jeeze people! It's only been three months since the right wing has lost power. Take a chill pill, or something.

Last night I stayed at the house, caring for Justin while my wife was at work poking and prodding animals in ill health. While switching channels between the Mariners game, and MSNBC, I packed up another half-dozen boxes of books and DVDs, and cleared off some shelves to transport over here to my subterranean lair. My apartment is small, but comfortable. Before I moved it the place was entirely redone with new appliances, and wood flooring. The only drawback is that the place is always as cold as a Frigidaire meat locker. I have a feeling that I'll be using the heat throughout the summer. Brrr!

I keep hearing that sunny days are imminent, but the evidence has yet to be seen. I think I'll putter around the apartment for a little longer and then treat myself to lunch at Jalisco. Nothing cheers my soul like a meal at Jalisco. Well...almost nothing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Music

Not only is this an awesome cover version of "Why Can't We Live Together," originally written and performed by Timmy Thomas, but it seems an appropriate song to be running through my head during the week that I am moving into my own apartment. Here is Joan Osborne's version of the song, which appears on her album of R&B covers entitled "How Sweet It Is."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Virus That Never Dies

I have been battling the latest cold virus for about three weeks. There was a brief time last week when I could feel myself emerging from a cold-induced fog, but then my wife caught the bug full force. Now it seems that Justin and I have had a relapse. I've been coughing hard enough to make me worry that I'm likely to throw my back out. My symptoms have been bad enough to warrant the taking of cold medicine, and I usually avoid those over-the-counter cold "cures" as much as possible. The biggest downside of my viral relapses is that it has put off my move into the new apartment. The move is going to be stressful enough -- and I've started to feel that stress -- so I'd like to leave this nasty cold by the side of the road somewhere. My priorities are getting a new double bed delivered, and cable Internet set up. Once those necessities are accomplished then it's just a matter of moving over a few hundred books, DVDs, and Cd's. Most of my culture collection will be left at the house, otherwise I wouldn't have room to walk through the new place. I'm quite ready to get in there to enjoy some quietude, and have the time to start a serious job hunt. Something out there must turn up, so that I can stay in that apartment for at least a year.