Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Little Universe

What is new in my little universe? Today is Monday, which means that I get to sleep in tomorrow. That’s always a plus. My son Justin is sick tonight. I know that because he has told me repeatedly, “I’m sick.” Plus he is coughing and sneezing long strings of snot from his little button nose. We are already planning on keeping him home from co-op tomorrow, but he does have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. The doctor visit is just for a checkup, but maybe she cure the common cold too.

I finished reading The Little Philosophy Book today. It was a hundred pages chock full of philosophical questions without the answers. How typical. The last chapter is entitled “Philosophy, Happiness and the Meaning of Life,” but damned if I could find the meaning of life in that little chapter. There were a lot of hints, but the author leaves the ultimate philosophical quest up to the reader. After reading two books on philosophy and one of the language instinct I decided to read a novel next. My next book will be Reservation Road by John Burnham Schwartz. I was interested in the book ever since its initial release, but now there is a movie adaptation on DVD and that has given me the impetus to actually read the book. It is said to be dark and depressing, but it reads like a thriller. After I read Reservation Road I can jump back into the world of nonfiction (as if that isn’t dark and depressing.)

Last Friday I saw the French film “The Class,” which won the Palm d’Or last year at Cannes. It was also nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category. I had high expectations not merely because of the awards, but because I really enjoyed the last two films by director Laurent Cantet (“Time Out” and “Heading South.”) To me “The Class” was not quite up to par with previous Palm d’Or winners, but it was still a very good film and well worth seeing. It is a blend of documentary and drama about a French class at an inner-urban school. The teacher was played by the actual teacher, who wrote the book on which the film is based, and the rest of the cast was filled with real students and teachers.
The next film I hope to see is "Happy-Go-Lucky" directed by Mike Leigh ("Secrets and Lies," "Naked".) It disappeared from local theaters a couple of months ago, but last week it reopened at The Crest Theatre. Lucky me!

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