Saturday, March 28, 2009


Big Changes are afoot in my life. I will be moving into my own apartment in the next couple of weeks. I found a closet with windows not far from my own house, and it has too many pluses to pass up. Now the pressure will be intensifying to get a job that will pay my bills. I've been trying to weasel my way back into a technical job after being out of the field for about 15 years. I may have to return to a bookstore in some form, but that wouldn't be a tragedy.

I got out to see I Love You, Man last night. After reading that Roger Ebert awarded it three and a half stars in his review, I had high expectations. I cannot say that my expectations were met, but it was quite funny, and ultimately heartwarming. It also touches on a very real issue that I can also relate to, which is the difficulty of men making friends with other men. The Apatow crew has done it again, by mixing raucous gross-out humor, a smart script and poignancy. It's refreshing after years of dumbed-down teen comedies to have a chance to see humor aimed at my audience. I may have liked it more than I originally thought, because I keep recounting moments from the film to my wife.

I've been in a country music mood lately. By "country music" I don't mean top-40 Nashville crap. I mean real country tune smiths like Robbie Fulks, Rodney Crowell, Merle Haggard and Jim Lauderdale. Some folks consider country music to be depressing, with its themes of loss, and drinking to assuage loss. There are many other facets of country. For instance Robbie Fulks' "God Isn't Real." You're not likely to hear that song on your local AM country station. A week ago I was listening to a lot of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, such as White Zombie, Static-X, Rush and so forth. Now I seem to be at the opposite end of the musical spectrum with my craving for twangy, acoustic country tunes. Who knows what my musical mood will be next week?

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