Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boys' Day Out

Justin and I have had a good day together. Things started early, when -- after breakfast -- we went over to my new "getaway pad" and put down the deposit, picking up a slew of keys that will certainly require their own ring. Maybe it was my mood, but the place looked a little bigger to me this time. I also noticed that there is actually three windows in the apartment. I had only remembered there being two. After that errand we dropped by Ravenna Third Place to pick up a couple of books on consciousness that I had special ordered. I happened to run into an old friend there that I used to work with years ago. It was nice to catch up with him for a few minutes. From there we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Jalisco's. There are probably a half dozen Jalisco's sprinkled throughout the city, but accept no substitutes: the branch on 65th st. is the best by far. After our fine meal we stopped at a playground on Roosevelt in an attempt to let Justin burn off some energy. After a brief stop at the library, we were back home after a productive and fun morning. All of the activity did it wonders, because Justin took a three hour nap. I have to admit that I also slept for most of that time. It was a very restful afternoon. Now we are both awake, and the backyard is calling to me to enjoy some more of this rare sunshine before the earth turns away from the big ball of fire.

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