Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Press Reset

So, after not getting an evening out with my wife last week, we will try again tomorrow night. Our babysitter is scheduled to be here from 5 to 10 pm, which should give us plenty of time for dinner and a movie. I think we are planning on hitting our favorite Thai restaurant, Little Thai, in the U-district and then walking over to the Seven Gables Theatre to see The Wrestler.

This evening I attended a mandatory parent co-op meeting. Our son Justin has been enrolled in the co-op program for about two years now, and he gets quite a bit of enjoyment from it. It helps him to learn to socialize, which is good since he doesn't have any siblings. Tonight we discussed starting "small group play" with the kids to try and teach them to interact more with each other. Each Tuesday, or Thursday a different parent will come up with an plan for their particular group. It can be something as simple as reading to the children and trying to engage them in a discussion about the book. Or the parent can take the children outside to collect rocks, or leaves. The possibilities are endless.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to meet up with a friend with our children in tow. I've e-mailed him with the idea late in the day today, so it may not work out. I hope the weather tomorrow will be as bright and clear as it was today. It was shirt-sleeve weather today. Running in the park with the dog kind of weather.

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