Monday, February 9, 2009

Nap Time is the Right Time

This morning when I awoke I could see a nice frosting of snow on the tree outside my window. The actual accumulation was hardly more than a dusting, but it was evidently enough to keep my son’s babysitter from driving to our house. I was kind of looking forward to handing Justin over to her for five hours, since my wife is taking a couple of days away at a hotel in the U-district. (For those of you who follow my blog religiously [insert laughter here], you will remember that my wife and I try and give each other a few days away every few months.) When I found out that the babysitter was not showing up I decided to take Justin to the local community center, where — for two dollars — a parent can take their kids to the gym, where a variety of toys are laid out. The hope is that the child will run around enough to be tired for a nap later on. Justin was actually bored fairly quickly, after checking out each item. He then started asking for lunch, so I convinced him to allow me to make a quick stop at the bookstore, and then we would proceed to Jalisco’s Mexican restaurant. All of that worked out fine, but he was still pretty wired when we got home, and proceeded to tear his room apart. Now, at 2:30 pm, it appears that he has worn himself out enough to fall asleep. I can probably depend on him sleeping for two to three hours. Enough time for me to do some reading, and probably fall asleep myself. The nap is kind of mixed blessing these days. When he takes a good nap the nighttime bed routine becomes a battle of wills. When he skips his nap he usually falls right asleep around 7 pm, with no pleading for water, or potty time, or insisting that he sleep on the floor just inside his bedroom door. Well, the clock is ticking. Time to stop writing and enjoy my brief respite from toddler taming.

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