Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Will Survive

For some reason I've had the Police song "Born in the 50's" in my head all day. I finally decided to remedy the situation by loading the song into my computer and iPod. Just for the record: I was not born in the 50's, but in 1961. Some studies -- as far as labels go -- place me in the "baby boomer" generation, but I reject that label. If anything, I identify more with the "generation X" crowd.

Monday is Martin Luther King day, and Barack Obama has called for all citizens to put in a day of service. I guess this has been a tradition for quite a few years, but Obama is underlining his idea that people need to start giving back to their country. My wife is working that day, but I have a babysitter for Justin until 1:30 pm, so I decided that my service would be donating blood. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, but the "call to service" finally got me to call my local Puget Sound Blood Center and make an appointment.

I'm still battling the blues these days, but not because of winter, or the fact that Barack Obama will be taking the presidential oath on Tuesday rather than John McCain. (In fact, I was getting teary-eyed today watching the Obama/Biden train make its way into Washington, D.C. and history. Tears of joy!) But other more personal issues are doing their best to pull me into the abyss. As the great Gloria Gaynor once said, "I will survive." I take the fact that I'm giving blood this coming Monday as a sign of my well-being. I've also made a few new friends recently, and that has always seemed like a monumental task in recent years. Even though I have issues that sometimes darken my emotional skies, I can still manage to see the sun breaking through.

And here is another kick-ass version of "I Will Survive" by one of my favorite bands, Cake.

Peace be with you brothers and sisters in the blogging world.

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