Saturday, January 3, 2009

a few words before midnight

It is much too late at night to be posting, but here I am. My son Justin has been providing me with a test of wills at bedtime lately. Tonight, like last night, he was not asleep until ten o'clock. That really tends to shorten my own evening. When Justin is finally quiet for the evening it is often too late to start watching a full-length movie. I've been getting a good amount of reading done, but at the expense of most everything else that doesn't involve child rearing.

The snow that had arrived with such fanfare during the week of Christmas is now gone except for sporadic piles gray with exhaust and road dirt. Justin's snowman that had graced our front yard is now a lump of icy snow no bigger than an avocado.

I finished reading Citizen Vince by Jess Walter today. I hadn't expected it to be such a compulsive read. It reminded me of some of the best work by Elmore Leonard. Vince was once Marty, but he got a new identity under the Federal Witness Protection Program. With that new identity comes the right to vote, and the story takes place during the time of the presidential election in 1980: Reagan vs. Carter. The "right to vote" story thread runs throughout the novel and provides some inspiring moments from Vince Camden, our ex-con trying to turn over a new leaf.

We've been dog sitting for the past few days and I just returned "Derby" to his home for the night. The only thing left to do before I go to bed is to force feed a Prozac to our resident psychotic feline, Lyle.

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