Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Exhaustion

Justin is providing me with one of those evenings when I’m forced to get up and drag him back to his bed at least a half dozen times before he gives in. I had twenty-five pages to read in Old Man’s War and it took me an hour with him interrupting every five minutes. Doesn’t he know that my reading time is sacred? Apparently not! Now that I’ve finished my book it seems that he may be staying in bed for the night. One can only hope. Old Man’s War was what I expected. It was a standard sci-fi battle yarn that is fun while immersed in it. I was hoping for something above “standard.” There was a lack of character development, so that when minor characters started to drop off I had a hard time remembering their significance within the story. The premise is interesting and found myself compelled to keep reading the three-hundred plus pages, but I hope Scalzi’s writing improves over time. It was fun lightweight fare to read over the holiday.

Christmas was a blast. Justin truly enjoyed himself. Last year we were helping him unwrap his gifts, but this year he was an instant master. He only tore into one gift before Christmas day. His self-restraint was admirable. Now he is a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of toys. I have separated out a few that require time and assembly. If they are out of his sight he will not be chanting “Open! Open!” He has many puzzles (since that is his pastime of choice lately) and a Colorform funny face game that he cannot seem to leave alone.

I received a plethora of Criterion DVDs for Christmas. Jen was more than generous. I also received a new denim shirt that I can begin to wear well and wear often until it barely exists. Jen received a new digital camera with the hopes of reigniting her photography hobby. Unfortunately, Jen started her work week on the evening of Christmas and her last shift ends Sunday morning. It feels like our holiday was cut a little short, with Jen being at work. But our work weeks have never seemed to mesh with the schedules of most working folks we know.

The climate has warmed significantly and the snow is melting away. We still had some flurries this morning, but rain seems to be the dominant precipitation at the moment. Justin has an urge to make “snow angels” tomorrow, but he may end up making “mud angels” instead.

Now — if Justin will just settle down for the night — I can enjoy a few hours of television, while I begin the process of whittling down my choices for the next book that I will read.

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