Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Brain Hurts!

I've been thinking about blogging lately, but unfortunately those thoughts haven't actually caused me to sit down and set my fingers to typing. I've been wanting to write about my inner angst without actually revealing my inner angst, and that's a difficult task. The election is over, which has freed me up to do a lot more reading and to watch some movies and documentaries that I have been meaning to get to. But at the same time I find that I get up in the morning with the urge to check the latest political news and it's just not as vital anymore. That and the fact that the last days of Herr Bush are scary to examine. He's continuing his policies and "rape & pillage" right up until 11:59 a.m. on January 20th. And he is doing all this with the intention of making things difficult for Barack Obama to reverse.

After reading a three books in a row on philosophy and the mind, I have promised myself a fiction break through the holidays. First was Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe and a few days ago I finished The Spinning Man by George Harrar. Both of those books were excellent and kept me from watching much television. Now I am reading Firmin by Sam Savage, which is about a rat that lives under a bookshop in Boston and, after being forced to diet on pages from Moby Dick, or possibly Finnegans Wake, Firmin realizes that he is able to read. I'm only about 40 pages in, but the language is wonderful and Firmin's tale is filled with many literary references.

Today we took Justin to the Northgate mall with ideas of having his picture taken with Santa. This year would be the first year we have done that particular social ritual. I had an inkling that Justin would need to warm up to the idea and probably wouldn't accede initially. I was right. It's not that Santa didn't try. He tried persuading him with a candy cane, which Justin accepted...through the fencing that surrounded the jolly fat man. And then Santa showed him a Clifford book, but Justin was adamant that he was not ready to sit on the lap of a strange bearded man. I can't say that I can blame him. We decided to skip it and try again on another day. We then had lunch in the food court, which was plastered with about a dozen flat screen TV's broadcasting a steady stream of commercials. I nearly lost my appetite. Then it was down to Toys 'R' Us to allow Justin to overcome his fear of the Barney ride at the front of the store. He attempted the ride about a week ago, but was scared and wanted off. Since that time he hasn't stopped talking about it, so we gave him a chance to try again. That wasn't happening today either. He was kind of in a borderline meltdown mood all day today. He is getting excited about Christmas though, and all the paraphernalia that surrounds the winter holiday.

So I started my entry with the intention of giving a short excuse about my lack of blogging. Once I start writing though, I tend to go on and on. So I'll stop and leave you with a video explaining my mood of late.

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