Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve is Looming Large

Christmas Eve is looming large. I keep intending to sit at my desk and write a blog entry. I even have a few passages started, but then life happens and I’m taken away to other more important tasks. As I stated at the beginning: Tonight is Christmas Eve. When Jen and I became a couple we had to work out the exchange of Christmas gifts. I grew up with the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas day. In Jen’s family they opened their gifts on Christmas Eve. Our compromise was to exchange stockings on the eve and leave the remainder of the gifts for the actual holiday. This year our two-year-old son is quite excited about the whole process. We had been reluctant to leave any wrapped gifts beneath the tree, but he has shown some amazing self-restraint for a two-year-old. The tree and its ornaments remain the big glittering attraction in his eyes. He can no longer get behind the tree to do his communing. There are a plethora of gifts in his way. It’s difficult not to go overboard when we have a two-year-old son. The plus side was that we could look at the pile of gifts before we wrapped them and pull a few out to save for his third birthday, which is a only a month away.

So, we’ll be exchanging stockings tonight. It occurred to me that we were taking one of Santa’s magical tasks away from him: the duty to leave stockings stuffed with toys for young children. We were instead using our stockings as a teaser for what was to come on Christmas day. Justin has enough toys in his stocking alone to keep him busy for six months. I’m looking forward to see his reaction upon seeing Totoro’s head peaking from the top of his Christmas stocking.

We awoke to more snow this morning, and it was still coming down quite heavily. I called my doctor’s office to reschedule my appointment for next week. It didn’t make sense to stress myself with the drive to the medical center to recheck the effect of my high blood pressure medicine. A little counterproductive. So I’ll be seeing my doctor on the morning of New Year’s Eve instead of Christmas Eve. My wife’s response was, “at least you’ll be seeing her before the end of the year, instead of taking it of next years deductible.”

I have a few more items for Jennifer that need to be wrapped. I too many stocking stuffers, so some will become wrapped gifts, giving them an extra air of importance when the reality is that they are just “stocking stuffers.”

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