Saturday, November 22, 2008

Subwoofer Oblivion

I've been such a slacker lately when it comes to blogging. There is probably a variety of reasons for that. I have been getting quite a bit of reading done now that the election is over. It is over isn't it? Anyway, I'm heading up to Edmonds (a whole two exits north on I-5) for three nights starting Monday. Jen and I do this periodically to give each other some space. Edmonds is not far, but it feels farther. I think that's because it has it's own port and the downtown Main street area is quaint and lined with shops. They have a nice little independent bookstore that I am sure I'll patronize while in town. I'll have plenty of reading time, which is always welcome. I've just started Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell. It's a collection of essays the British philosopher wrote regarding his views on religion. I think it will be a fairly quick and enjoyable read once I can sit down to it. After reading three heady nonfiction books in a row, I plan on immersing myself in fiction through the holidays.

My son Justin and I have had some good days lately, although he skipped his naps twice this week, including today. The result today was one fairly intense "night terror" episode. Night terrors resemble Linda Blair's performance in The Exorcist. The child is still asleep, but thrashing around like he's possessed. It's a little unnerving. Justin has recently been enjoying the pastime of puzzles. He now has a half dozen 24-piece puzzles that he assembles and disassembles many, many times a day. He gets giddy when he has found the spot for a particular piece, and prolongs the pleasure of attaching it until he's about to burst. Today while he was working on a puzzle I got the urge to open the panel on the subwoofer speaker that sits on the living room. I knew that Justin had stuck something in the port tube. That's the hole in front of the unit, where the sound comes out and a two-year-old's arm goes in. The photo below shows what I pulled out of the unit this afternoon.

There are four toy cars, a plastic strawberry, a orange game peg, two new cat collars, and a baby in a basket. Justin thanked me profusely for finding his cars. My wife and I had just been talking about how quickly his car collection had dwindled to a precious few. I had a nice father and son moment when Justin helped me reattach the electronic panel by turning the screwdriver. He really enjoyed helping to reinsert all twelve screws. He kept saying "another one!" After the toy retrieval mission was accomplished I covered the port hole with packing tape. Justin seemed impressed that his car couldn't penetrate the heavy clear tape. I'm sure right now he's dreaming of ways to get past the temporary barrier and drop more items into subwoofer oblivion.

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