Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's an Edmonds Kind of Day

Last night was the first night of three that I will be staying at the Harbor Inn here in Edmonds. Yesterday I spent most of my time in the Seattle area. I stopped off at the Seven Gables Theatre to pick up a DVD copy of The Kiss of the Spider Woman that I had won by answering a couple of questions online. It's the second DVD I have won through that method. I also went to Bulldog News to pick up the latest issues of my favorite skeptic magazines and then I had lunch at Samir's Mediterranean Grill. Then I killed about an hour at the University Half-Price Books, which was fairly easy to do. I walked out with a stack of six books, but three of those were from the dollar shelves. I then headed up to the Ravenna district for an appointment, but I had fifteen minutes to kill, so I stopped in at Ravenna Third Place. My old boss was behind the counter, so he was kind enough to give me 40% off the three remainders I decided to buy there. After my 2 p.m. appointment I headed north to the port town of Edmonds to check into my hotel. I walked uptown to have dinner at la Puerta Mexican Restaurant. The food was good and there was plenty of it, but I found myself sweating by the end of the meal. I remember when a spicy meal causing me to sweat was a good thing. Now I feel like I picked the wrong meal as I dab the sweat from my brow.

After returning to my hotel room I took a hot bath and then read a few more essays by Bertrand Russell. I then finished watching an episode of Columbo that I had started watching last month during my stay in Chicago. It was an episode from the first season with Robert Culp as the murderer. Then as I was trying to pick something else from Netflix to watch on the laptop, I fell asleep. I awoke at four in the morning to shut the laptop and lights off.

I was hoping today was going to be sunny like yesterday, but so far there is a bank of clouds hanging over the harbor. I'm currently trying to decide where I want to have lunch. The seafood joints are in the opposite direction of the Edmonds Bookshop. I think I would enjoy a walk down by the docks though, as I make my way towards Anthony's for some oysters, or mahi mahi tacos.

There is a great little toy store in town that I want to make sure I visit before returning home. If I don't do it today then it will be a must-do for tomorrow. I'm on a quest for some stocking stuffers for Justin.

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