Monday, October 6, 2008

Silly Quiz Time

I haven't had much spare time lately, but I did finally finish the second mega-serious book in a row in preparation for my trip this week to the FFRF convention in Chicago. After having my head swimming in philosophy, religion and politics for the last two months I'm looking forward to reading some fiction. I already have three titles lined up, because the films versions are already out or soon to be released. The first on my list -- which I've already started -- is Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. The second and third books in my to-read queue are Blindness by José Saramago and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. All three are books that I have wanted to read since their initial release and now with the movie versions "rearing their heads" I have an added incentive. Both Choke and Blindness were released to theaters in the past couple of weeks, and both have gotten mediocre reviews. That is probably the best reason to read the books first, because 9 times out of 10 the books are superior to the film versions. A notable exception was another book by Palahniuk called Fight Club, which even he admits was a better film than a book. I am almost a hundred pages into Choke and I'm enjoying it immensely. It is certainly not a book for everybody, especially readers with delicate sensibilities, who are easily offended.

I plan on bringing a laptop with me to Chicago when I travel this Thursday, so that I can blog about my experiences at the convention. Most of those blog entries will probably end up on my other blog, because, after all, it is a national gathering of heretics and infidels. I felt so comfortable among that crowd of reasonable freethinkers when I attended my first convention last year that I swore that I would make a yearly ritual of it. I'm hoping that FFRF follows through with their plans to hold the 2009 convention in Seattle, so that I can save on travel and hotel costs.

Politics and the state of the world has been weighing quite heavily on my mind lately, so I was happy to find a meaningless quiz today to take my mind of the heavy stuff for a bit. The purported purpose (say that three times fast) is to tell the quiz taker what Beatles album they are. My results are below:

"You Scored as Magical Mystery Tour
You are a free spirit who is somewhat a hippie but you clean yourself. You'd love to see a positive anti-war country that does not use up all of the natural resources."

Take the quiz yourself.

I may be aging myself by even being slightly interested in what Beatles album my personality may resemble, but hell, the blog where I discovered the quiz is written by someone ten years younger than me. I even had my favorite Beatle when I was a youth: John (of course) with George a close second. My two favorites from the fab four are both now dead and we're left with Paul, his dyed hair and his horrible choice of a third, ex-wife; and Ringo, who is seems like a fine bloke, but I never thought of him as an exceptional drummer.

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