Friday, September 12, 2008

Justin's Language Skills

I'm still trying to figure something out today. I have a Barack Obama yard sign that I haven't put out yet. It's just outside the front door leaning against the wall. Justin and I were leaving the house to walk over to the playground, and Justin spotted the sign. He pointed to it and said, "Barack Obama." I said, "How did you know what that says?" I asked because he's two and a half years old and not reading yet. He pointed again and said "Obama." Is he hiding the fact that he can already read? Jen said that maybe he sees the words on TV and connects it with Barack Obama, but even if that's the case it's pretty impressive. Now I'm teaching him to say "bad man" whenever he sees John McCain. Is that too partisan for a two-year-old? Maybe I'm aiming too low. Maybe I should teach him "cantankerous old fart" instead of "bad man."

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thematically fickle said...

I say, aim high. Justin can clearly handle "cantankerous old fart." Maybe throw in "prolific liar" just to challenge him a bit.

Ruby has been saying, "Boo BUSH! Mister Bush?!? You need a TIME! OUT!" I have no idea where she gets it...