Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Stuff

Next week I will start attending lectures at Wednesday University once again. Last fall the topic was religion and politics with Professor David Domke. The upcoming lectures, also by Domke, will cover politics and the media. The last lecture will be the day after the 2008 presidential elections. The series is already sold-out and a recent mailing warns that attendees should arrive early to ensure seating. I’m excited to once again be hearing the political analysis of David Domke. He has written two significant books in recent years, God Willing? Political Fundamentalism in the White House, the "War on Terror," and the Echoing Press (2004, Pluto Press), and The God strategy: How religion became a political weapon in America with Kevin Coe (Oxford University Press: New York, January 2008.) I was interested to learn, while attending the last series, that David Domke considers himself a believer, and his wife is actually a pastor. So he doesn’t come at the topic from some angry atheist mindset (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

This Sunday is my 12th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is silk, or linen. The modern gift is pearls. Hmm. I was thinking more along the lines of a greeting card. Maybe even one of those expensive “blank inside” cards. Actually, we may have babysitting lined up for Sunday evening, allowing us to go out for dinner and a movie. The reply e-mail was “almost definitely yes,” so I’m not holding my breath. These guys have fallen through before.

Justin peed in his potty today. That was big news on the parenting front. I tried very hard to be enthusiastic and told him how proud I was. I tried to make a show of giving him a special sticker to stick on the lid of his potty. He was more interested in running into the living room to jump on the couch naked. He has been consistently taking his naps on time for the last three days. And it’s been a little easier to get him to stay in bed at night. We’ve been making regular trips to the local playground, where Justin has recently become reluctant to go down the slides. That is until daddy starting going down the slide today. He had to follow me then. He also says “hi!” and “bye” to everyone we meet, whether they’re cognizant or not. He’s a sweet kid and he’s becoming an amazing talkative little boy right before our eyes.

And now . . . Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom


thematically fickle said...

Happy belated anniversary. 12 years! Dayam! That's a feat. I'm curious to know if you went with silk, linen, pearls or a greeting card. Please let me know so I can sleep tonight.

(No, I'm not stalking you. Just checking the place out. Enjoying myself very much.)

Hayduke said...

Thanks for the belated happy anniversary. My wife and I have always tended to celebrate the anniversary of our first date, rather than the marriage date. So we're aiming for a more celebratory evening in another month.