Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Brief Respite

Like many other sane people, I am getting quite tired of hearing about Sarah Palin and her fundamentalist ways. Bush phoned in his tribute to John McCain last night and looked pained when he actually had to endorse his former rival. Fred Thompson came on with his Hollywood tan to praise McCain's military service and to utter "P.O.W." a half dozen times. He admitted that being a P.O.W. didn't qualify McCain to be president, but it did show his character. What character would that be? That McCain crashed his jet and was captured by the enemy? At least this time the chicken hawks were not tearing down the military veteran on the other side. Fred Thompson may not have served in the military like John McCain, but they do have the common bond of trading in their previous wives for blond trophy wives.

Since I reserve this blog for the more inane items in my life I'll leave the bitching about politics for my other page. I was perusing my favorite bloggers this morning and found another person trying to keep her mind off the soap opera known as Sarah Palin and her ever-growing brood. Thanks for Aaryn Belfer for turning me on to this awesome short film this morning. This woke me up.

Spider from Qoob TV on Vimeo.

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