Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple Pie!!!

Justin and I had a fine day today. After breakfast we headed to Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill to meet up with some friends and their kids. There was four of us there (plus 5 kids) and we all used to work at the Bailey/Coy bookstore nearby. I think that only one of us works there now. The playground at the recently re-sculpted park is very nice with a padded rubber surface. The surface did frustrate Justin a little though, because his latest pastime has been to pick up wood chips from the ground at our local playground and toss them down the slide. Ad infinitum. After about an hour at the playground we all decided to head to the Broadway Grill for lunch. My friend James and his son Jasper, and Justin and I, walked the half-dozen blocks to the restaurant, while the others decided to drive. I held Justin's hand and James held his son's hand. Jasper soon also wanted to hold Justin's hand, so I felt like we were off to see the wizard as we walked north on Broadway. Justin ate fairly well at the restaurant, but when Meridian, one of the little girls with us, got up and began to dance to the piped in music Justin just couldn't hold back. He just loves to dance. Dancing for Justin includes a lot of jumping and the pants he was wearing, along with the pull-up diapers just couldn't keep up. I looked over and he was standing there with his pants and diapers around his ankle, looking up as if to say, "What the hell just happened?" I soon as I remedied the situation he was back to the dance floor.

After we left the Broadway Grill and headed back to our car I started to inform Justin that we would be stopping to pick up an apple pie and then head home for his nap time. He seemed okay with that and started to repeat it back to me. All good. We made our way over to Marie Callender's and bought the pie, but when we got to the car it was obvious that he thought we were going to eat the pie at that moment. He had a slight meltdown, but he relented when I promised him that he could have some pie when he woke up from his nap. (I didn't bother to include the fact that he would be having pumpkin pie rather then apple, because the apple pie was for someone at my wife's place of business.)He slept really well -- nearly three hours -- and the first words out of his mouth when he awoke were "apple pie!" He had probably been dreaming about it and had obviously remembered my promise. I pulled the pumpkin pie out of the fridge, exclaiming it goodness the whole time, and cut him a piece. The switch didn't seem to matter. It's all "cake" to him.

Later on he was good enough to allow me to watch the debate even though he needed his Pee Wee Herman fix. As long as I assisted him with laying the track for his trains he was willing to hold off on Pee Wee's Playhouse until tomorrow.

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