Friday, July 25, 2008

Time For Some Weezer

The band Weezer was formed way back in 1993 by songwriter/bandleader Rivers Cuomo. Their sound might best be defined as "power pop," similar to bands like Cheap Trick and Fountains of Wayne. Cuomo was raised in Massachusetts, but moved to Los Angeles in the late 80's to attend college. Periodically over the years Cuomo has taken a hiatus from the band to return to Harvard to further his education. Three of Weezer's six albums have been eponymous releases, distinguished and forever known by the color of the album cover. Hence the latest release is known as The Red Album. I acquired this album just last week and I haven't had much time to listen to it at length and at the proper volume (11.) But from what I have already heard it sounds like their most solid effort in years. Keep in mind that I'm not a Weezer fanatic by any means and know them mostly from their Spike Jonze videos, which helped propel their debut album superstar status. But they seemed to have a problem over the years maintaining that level of visibility. Cuomo has been known to be a recluse, which probably just means that he chooses to avoid the insanity that commonly goes hand-in-hand with the entertainment business.

Below are a couple of videos from Weezer. The video for the song Pork and Beans is especially good, but YouTube is preventing users from embedding the video, but here's the link. The video features many "stars" of the YouTube channel.

Say It Ain't So from Weezer's debut album, also known as The Blue Album

An acoustic version of Troublemaker, which is the first track on the latest album by Weezer.

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