Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Plethora of Clint Eastwood

My parents will be arriving for their visit two weeks from tomorrow. My mother has already decided that they would pack everything they need in two carry-on bags. This decision was prompted by some airline’s new policy of charging for all checked luggage. Keep in mind that they will be staying for two weeks. She called a few days ago very concerned, because she had just heard that the airlines were now going to charge $15 for each carry-on bag. She was thinking of sending their carry-on bags by UPS instead, because it would be cheaper. I implored her not to worry and that it probably wasn’t even true. And if she was that concerned that I would pay the $15 dollar bag fee. She then brought up the possibility that they would be charged a second time when they changed planes in Detroit. Oy Vey! We have them booked at the Extended Stay America just off of Aurora, because we no longer have a guest room; and because we’re determined to keep our sanity. I just hope that the hotel is far enough away from where the hookers hang out on Aurora. We’re actually quite looking forward to their visit. I think it’s important for them to have some quality time with Justin. During their stay we’ll be taking a three-night trip to Vancouver Island. When I first saw Butchart Gardens my first thought was how much my parents would love the place. We’ll also be taking in a Mariners vs. Red Sox game while they’re in town. I know my dad will be thrilled to be able to see his Red Sox play. It’s nearly impossible for mere mortals to get tickets to a Red Sox game in Fenway these days.

I think I can safely say that I have a plethora of Clint Eastwood movies on DVD now. Jen was nice enough to give me the Ultimate Dirty Harry box set for my birthday last month. The set includes a two-disc edition of the original classic and plus the four sequels it spawned. It also contains a bonus disc with the documentary Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows. Besides the discs there is other ephemera such as a 40-page hardcover retrospective book, replica wallet and police ID, Scorpio poster and San Francisco map detailing the manhunt, six collectible art cards, and production letters. Quite a little box of goodies for the Dirty Harry fan. Also released on DVD recently were a couple of reasonably priced Clint Eastwood triple-features. One of them contains Every Which Way But Loose/Any Which Way You Can/Honkytonk Man and the other set includes Firefox /The Gauntlet/The Rookie. I couldn’t resist them for $15 each at Best Buy. I now have twenty films starring Clint Eastwood on DVD. I also have Letters From Iwo Jima, that Eastwood directed. There are a few films in there that I’ve never seen, including the last couple of Dirty Harry sequels. If I intentionally passed it over then it’s probably not worth wasting two hours with. But who knows? One day I may actually have some extra time and I can spend it watching Clint Eastwood’s worst films.

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