Saturday, July 19, 2008

Computer Woes Be Gone

A few days ago I was prompted when I opened iTunes to download the latest version, so being the automaton that I am I said “yes, send me the latest version of your praiseworthy program.” I then hooked up my iPod to download a Frank Zappa disc into it. It was at that point that my iTunes froze up and continued to freeze up every time I connected my iPod to it. My computer was seeing my iPod (affectionately named eXistenZ), but whatever my new version of iTunes saw in my precious eXistenZ caused it into go some type of autistic deep freeze. Well tonight it seems that my iTunes problem seems to have fixed itself. Well, that's not entirely true. I tried downloading a previous version, but that wouldn't even open and it scolded me, because my computer had some file from a newer version of iTunes. So I uninstalled that version and reinstalled the latest version. I hooked up my iPod and it froze again. Just on a whim I put in a Frank Zappa CD to see if the iTunes might see it. Keep in mind that the program was frozen. Well the disc seems to have cured some unknown digital ailment, because all of a sudden it saw the iPod and started syncing with it. It was actually kind of romantic. Like long lost lovers reuniting (even though it had only been a couple of days.) This was after researching for days for possible solutions and trying many different variations on a theme.

I have less than one-hundred pages to read in Mitch Cullin’s A Slight Trick of the Mind. It’s a novel featuring a ninety-three year old Sherlock Holmes, wandering through his gardens and tending to his bees. There are some mystery elements — after all it does star the great detective himself, Sherlock Holmes — but for the most part it’s a meditation on aging and the fragility of memory. How does Holmes, the once great cogitator, handle losing his acute sense of logic and intellect? I’m quite enjoying A Slight Trick of the Mind and am pleasantly surprised that it’s more than just a light entertainment.

My parents arrive from Massachusetts tomorrow afternoon. We figure that they will both be quite exhausted after that long tortuous trip known as a cross-continental flight. Our game plan is to stop at Marie Callender’s for some good wholesome American food and then get them settled into the Extended Stay America just off Aurora. After getting them checked we’ll head to a nearby park to attend the baby shower of a friend, who is expecting her first child in early September. By then we should all be exhausted . . . except Justin. He’ll probably still be awake and ready to rock and roll when we finally arrive back home. Ah, the vim and verve of a two-year-old

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