Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Maui Adventure

We arrived back home late Monday evening (4/21) from our one week vacation in Maui. Our first night at the Ka’anapali Shores was spent in a one bedroom suite (room #622) overlooking a parking lot and the roofs of the resort next door. If I squinted I could view the blue horizon of the Pacific just over the tiled rooftops. Not exactly what I would call an “ocean view.” We asked about being moved into a room with a better view and the staff was very accommodating and moved us into room #609 the next afternoon. We now had a clear view of the pools and beach from both our lanai and our bedroom. We were able to view the sunsets and humpback whales from our living quarters. Now we felt like we were getting what we paid for.

Justin took a tumble in the airport about five minutes before we were to board the Hawaiian Airlines flight to Maui and, as you will see from the pictures I’ve posted, he was sporting quite a shiner during his first visit to Hawaii. Justin had a great time enjoying the both the pools and the beach. We also took time for a submarine ride to some nearby coral reefs, and a six mile ride aboard the Sugar Cane Train. A highlight of the trip was the visit to the Maui Ocean Center. It’s a small, but beautifully designed aquarium, featuring ocean life of the nearby waters. We witnessed a diver swimming with the sharks and being harassed by a spotted eagle ray for hand outs. There was also a very cool glass tunnel right through the shark tank, so that passersby were surrounded by the aquatic predators. We spent a couple of mornings walking the streets of Old Lahaina, which is home to a famous banyan tree, planted in 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lahaina's first Christian mission. It now reaches upward to a height of about 50 feet and stretches outward over a 200-foot area, shading two-thirds of an acre on the almost 2 acres of land in the courthouse square. There are numerous shops selling surf ware, sunglasses, t-shirts, paintings by Anthony Hopkins, macadamia nuts, sarongs, smoothies and timeshare sales. We found a nice little Mexican restaurant downtown called Cilantro’s, where we ate twice. We also had burgers one afternoon at the Cool Cat CafĂ©. Everything had to be kid-friendly. Usually Justin would last until early afternoon before we had allow him a nap, or else. During his nap I spent the time on the lanai reading a Norwegian mystery by Karin Fossum.

Seven days in Maui went by quite fast. It took a couple of days to readjust to the time difference coming back home. We also left behind the warm days by Ka’anapali Beach in exchange for the brisk cool spring of Seattle. Even though it snowed here just a week ago my lawn still needs mowing. My souvenir allotment from Maui was 3 t-shirts, one hat and a pair of short shorts.

In the week since our return from Maui Justin and I attended a concert at the Moore by Dan Zanes (formerly of the Del Fuegos.) It was an eleven A.M. show just for the toddlers. We were lucky enough to have front row seats. This morning Justin started a hip-hop dance class. We skipped the first class, because it was the morning after our flight home and Justin slept in until nearly ten! For a few days, because of the time readjustment, Justin slept in past 9 A.M. and this was well received by both parents.

No more big trips planned for this year. We’re flying my parents out in late July for sixteen days (gasp!) and in September Jen will be flying to Arizona for a conference on emergency medicine. I’m planning on attending my second FFRF convention and that will be mid-October in Chicago. Other than that we plan to have a few camping trips here and there (which might mean cabin as opposed to tent) to fill in the rest of whatever free time we might have remaining.

Photos From Our Recent Trip to Maui