Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey Batter Batter . . . Swing!

Okay, spring is nearly upon us and baseball spring training is well under way. The Mariners are working out the bugs in Peoria, Arizona and I'm starting to get excited about the upcoming season. Yes, there's the steroid issue and it's gets frustrating sometimes watching a bunch of millionaires play a kids' game, but in the midst of this heated Democratic primary I'd like nothing better than to be able to entertain myself with some baseball. It's the only sport that I can stand to watch. Well, that and ultimate cage fighting . . . just kidding! I was able to catch some of a televised game between the Mariners and the Cubs. The Mariners lost 6 to 5. There is not another televised spring game until March 16th! Meanwhile I'll try and avoid watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann every night and getting all worked up about the upcoming presidential election. The United States always gets the president they deserve, which is exactly why we have been stuck with the swaggering cowboy for the last seven years. It would be nice to think that we've learned enough from this debacle called the Iraq War not to elect someone like McBush, who is fine with U.S. troops being there for another 100 years. I'd rather be rooting for the Mariners than frothing at the mouth over the media induced frenzy called "election '08."

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