Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Porcine Pastor Plays Politics

John Hagee, the porcine pastor, has given John McCain his endorsement. This roughly translates to mean that Hagee believes that McCain is the candidate most likely to bring about Armageddon. Hagee is one of that crew that is slavering to bring about the “end times.” It’s funny (and I don’t mean funny ha-ha) that Hagee has amassed wealth and that he’s bursting his J.C. Penney suit at the seams, because it’s supposedly just as hard for a wealthy man to get into heaven as it is for a camel to get through the eye of the needle. Poor ole John fails on both counts. As for John McCain: during the 2000 election when he was running against the “reborn” George Jr. (who had incidentally put to death more human beings in Texas than any previous governor) he was brave enough to call Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “agents of intolerance.” Now he is embracing these same agents of intolerance to further his political career. Flip-flopper? I prefer the term “whore.” What else can you call someone who has compromised their principles in order to gain power and fame? McCain initially spoke against the tax cuts for the richest citizens in this country (you know, the ones that do their banking overseas) and now he scoffs at the term “rich” and who we apply it to in this country. This man, who had been a prisoner of war in Vietnam and was tortured during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton, was adamantly against any adjustment in our laws that would allow torture. Guess what? He caved in to Bush and his demonic cronies and jumped on board when they redefined torture. Now it’s only torture if the practice results in organ failure or death. Will any of the aforementioned above cause the pale white right to make a sensible vote for once in their lives? Hell no. They’re ready to declare zygotes a life form. They ready to start stoning adulterers and gays in the street. They’re ready to nuke Iran if it will bring Jesus and his flighty crew down to pluck the saved from the soon-to-be scorched earth a little sooner. We are mere steps away from living under fascist theocratic rule. The fact that my parents have always voted for the puppets that are just there to serve the corporate interests is finally starting to create this well of sadness within me. My 86-year-old father is just like every other ignorant old white man in this country: afraid of change, afraid of anyone who looks different, or may hold different beliefs (or no beliefs.) You can rail against change with all your might, but change is inevitable. Positive change in this country will come when people finally turn off the reality shows and the forensic dramas and start to question the few in power that determine the direction of our society. Positive change will come when we stand up to the con men like John Hagee, Pat Robertson and James Dobson. Positive change will come when we collectively plaster some duct tape over the gaping holes of Bill O’Reilly, Jonah Goldberg, Coultergeist, David Horowitz, Rush Limbaugh and the other paid puppets of the corporate interests. Of course, if you already drank the Kool-Aid and are just waiting for Rev. Jim to take you to heaven then you better go vote for Walnuts and pray for Armageddon. But just remember - nothing fails like prayer.

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