Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday Night Rant

I read Frank Rich's column tonight - as I always do - and even I will admit that his Hillary bashing is getting a little old. But what also is getting a little old is the Clinton's impression that this nomination was a shoo-in. That somehow it was to be destiny that yet another Clinton would follow yet another Bush. Please!! I always thought variety was the spice of life. And that change is good. The Clinton machine doesn't want us to get our hopes up. They want us to believe that Hillary is ready to be POTUS on "day one." They also wanted us to believe that when she ran for senator of New York that is wasn't a step on the power ladder meant to ascend to the presidency. Anyway, I digress. I was talking about Frank Rich's column. Yes, he does bash Hillary too much, but he did point me in the direction of this great clip from

Sure, it's probably a little unfair to compare Hillary Clinton to Tracy Flick, but no more than comparing Barack Obama to a dumb jock. At this point the campaigns have gotten quite contentious, mainly from the Clinton machine in my opinion. Remember Bill Clinton writing off Obama's win in South Carolina, because Jesse Jackson had also won that state in the past? And the Clintonistas accusing Obama of plagiarism. The only boo during the last debate was when Hillary made the "change you can Xerox" comment. From all I have witnessed - and I've watched and read more about this campaign in the last year than I'd like to admit - Barack Obama has truly run a different campaign. He has inspired millions of people to believe that they can actually be part of the process again. This is quite an accomplishment, particularly after the U.S. Supreme Court awarded the presidency to G.W. back in 2000 to avoid any unrest in the country. What we needed was unrest and the party hacks in the black robes knew exactly that. That's why they gave us the former co-owner of the Texas Rangers and the governor who had put more people to death in Texas than any other governor in history. But all of his rich corporate buddies are richer than they were before he was in office. He claimed in a recent interview that the cost of the war - $275 million dollars per day - is not harming the U.S. economy. He believes it's actually helping the economy. This soulless piece of steaming fecal matter is our president. Compassionate conservative? I think by now we all know a contradiction in terms when we see one, like "military intelligence." The "conservative known as G.W. Bush has amassed a higher national debt than all of the previous U.S. presidents put together. He attacked a country that didn't (and couldn't) attack us. I still remember the photos from the first gulf war of the Iraqi troops who had been immolated in their trucks as they were retreating. I thought to myself at the time, do we attack our enemy when they retreat? Is that allowed in the code of conduct in the manual of war? And trust me. There is a code of conduct. I'm a veteran and know just a little bit about the military industrial complex. It didn't take me long before I realized that, as a country and a government, yes we do attack enemy troops that are retreating from the field of battle. Our armies have also killed women and children, in all of the previous wars including the clusterfuck we're currently involved in. There is always a certain amount of lawlessness in war. It's war. Rules only last so long. I think it was in Tim O'Brien's memoir If I Die in a Combat Zone, where he relates the story of the Christmas ceasefire when one of the troops was killed by a mine. So much for a ceasefire. These right wing veterans that get all up in arms when someone portrays some of the uglier aspects of war (ala Rendition, Redaction, In the Valley of Elah, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Taxi to the Dark Side) probably still believe in the Easter Bunny. They also happen to believe in the adage "my country, right or wrong," which frankly causes me to doubt their sanity. If you don't even have the common sense to question authority and not take everything at face value then you are not being a very profitable member of society. You're living off the fat of the land, while others do the hard work. Which of our citizens are eating dust and dying over in Iraq and Afghanistan? The struggling poor and middle class kids, who have been priced out of the higher education system. They have been duped into believing that military service is a viable option. Take my word for it: when you are in the military service you are actually the property of the U.S. government. If you fall asleep under a sun lamp and get sun burnt you could be charged with damage to government property. They put you wherever the fuck they choose upon this big earth of ours and they'll keep sending you back again and again, even if that wasn't the original agreement. This is the United States - treaties are made to be broken.

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