Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 Queens and a Mini Fridge

Day one of my R&R in Edmonds. This is the second time I have stayed at the Harbor Inn here in the port town of Edmonds. I got to the hotel right around five-thirty this evening. I was initially disappointed to find out that there is not a view of the water from the hotel. In fact, the hotel is sitting amidst a group of office buildings. There is a gym back there somewhere. I’ve seen ashy blondes coming to and from their body toning sessions. I’ve seen these body conscious women as I crossed the parking lot to the Mexican Restaurant situated in the little strip mall there. I ate there tonight and it was mediocre, but I knew that going in. I am a few blocks from the pier and it’s collection of pleasure boats with cutesy names. Even closer than the pier are the railroad tracks and it’s nice to be able to hear the train go by late at night.

Jen worked last night, so she slept until three this afternoon after getting home. She performed five euthanasias last night and a necropsy on a dog, whose owner believed that her son was responsible for its death. Jen was hoping to watch Apocalypto after everything slowed down, but she had had enough blood and gore for the night. After she awoke she took Justin over to over to visit with his friend Daniel. I guess they did quite a bit of wrestling. This is the next phase is Justin’s physical development: wrestling.

After checking in and eating at Las Brisas Mexican restaurant I came back to my room. I have to admit that while sitting in my red vinyl booth at the restaurant I had to strong urge to find a local pub that was comfortable and quiet. Of course, there was a certain championship football game on today, so I’m sure that most watering holes had their TVs glued to the big media event. The restaurant did. So instead of being bombarded by noise and commercialism I opted to come back to my room and sit in a hot bath and work on a recent NY Times crossword puzzle. Tomorrow my plan is to head south to the U-district and have lunch at my favorite falafel joint and then catch a matinee of Michael Clayton. Thankfully, Michael Clayton got nominated for a few Oscars, so it’s back in the theatres.

Justin and I took a trip to Bailey-Coy on Capitol Hill this morning. I had heard from a friend that they had a few books I desired in stock. I walked out with four: The Delivery Man by Joe McGinnis, Jr., Living Shadows: Stories: New and Pre-owned by John Shirley, Irreligion by John Allen Paulos, and I found a used copy of Janet & Me: an Illustrated Story of Love and Loss by the cartoonist Stan Mack. I’ve already put a copy of Beautiful Children by Charles Bock on hold at the Edmonds Bookshop. I’m sure I’ll walk out of there with more than that one book. I must support the independent bookstores though. They’re the ones that put so much time and effort into their selection, because they don’t have the space to carry a lot of crap. All this talk of books reminds me that I haven’t read any of Life Itself today. I’m just starting the chapter on how cells divide. I think I’ll direct my 70 trillion cells to finish up this post.

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