Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vacation Plans

I have finally stopped procrastinating and made reservations for a week at a resort on Maui. Jen has been wanting to take a real vacation for a while. That means going somewhere merely for our own pleasure and not to fulfill some kind of family or business obligation. It’s been difficult to decide on a vacation destination, because we now have to take into account that we will be bringing a two-year-old along wherever we go. If we were still just a couple our choices would be more varied, but now we are a triad. The rules have changed. We will be staying at a condo in West Maui called Kaanapali Shores. The apartment is a 907 sq. ft. one bedroom/2 bath with a fully stocked kitchen and an ocean view. I’m already contemplating which book(s) would work best with the lanai, a cold glass of beer and a view of the setting sun. The resort has two pools with one of them being more kiddy sized. The beach is just over the hedge bordering one of the pool areas. Sun and fun, oh yeah!

We’ve also made a other plans for a few minor upcoming trips. On January 20th (Jen’s birthday) we’ll be taking the train down to Portland, Oregon, for a couple of nights. The first weekend in February I’ll be taking a couple of nights away to myself. Most likely I’ll just stay up in Edmonds for those nights. It’s inexpensive and it feels like I’m farther away from home than I actually am. Jen also reserved a campsite at Deception Pass for a couple of nights in June and a cabin at Wallace Falls State Park for a couple of nights in August. We’re also hoping to squeeze a trip to Kalaloch in there somewhere. It’s always good to have a few trips to look forward to.

I finished reading The Third Chimpanzee last night and I believe that I have already chosen my next book. My friend Adam had recommended a short story by Kazuo Ishiguro that was on the complete New Yorker DVD collection and it spurred me to read that story and then to choose An Artist of the Floating World as my next book. This particular title had been chosen by an old coworker of mine as a “staff pick” when I worked at The Bookloft and I’ve been interested in it ever since. Another incentive is that An Artist of the Floating World is only 206 pages long. Considering my lack of reading time, short books are better.

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