Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Politics and Shopping

Barack Obama lost the New Hampshire primary to Hilary Clinton by a few percentage points. The overriding factor in this narrow victory for Hilary seems to be the crying event. The day before the polls opened Hilary let the political veneer that she’d been accumulating over the past thirty odd years crack just a little. She showed emotion, her voice quavered and little tears pooled in her eyes. I’m still backing Obama and if Hilary gets the nomination then I’ll have to write in Viggo Mortensen’s name or something. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with showing some emotion, but I personally believe that everything in Hilary and Bill’s life has been created due to political calculation. If another Clinton ends up in the White House it won’t be much different then if another Bush had ended up there. Corporate power takes many guises and if you don’t think that behind the plastered on smile of Ms. Hilary Clinton that there’s a little corporate pawn inside then you have a lot to learn my friend.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means that new books, DVDs and CDs are released. I had a $50 gift card from Best Buy that had been burning a hole in my pocket since I pulled it out of my Christmas stocking, so I went to Best Buy yesterday and picked up the new 2 disc director’s cut of Zodiac, 3:10 to Yuma, Remember the Night: David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall and the soundtrack to Juno. I had been waiting for the 2-disc director’s cut of Zodiac ever since the one disc bare bones version was released last July. This may be Fincher’s most mature work, which means that he cuts down on the flashiness. I haven’t seen 3:10 to Yuma yet, but I liked the original with Glenn Ford and Van Heflin. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale seem like worthy replacements in the remake. I happened to have seen some of the David Gilmour DVD when I was visiting my friend back in Massachusetts. A lot of the concert is material from Gilmour’s latest album “On An Island,” which is his best work in a long time. And I couldn’t resist the Juno Soundtrack, because the movie was so lovable and listening to the disc will be a pleasant reminder of the film. Plus it’s got a lot of great tunes! So the $50 gift card evaporated pretty quickly once I got inside Best Buy.

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film dude said...

good choice on the 3:10 to yuma, can't go wrong with anything that has Christian Bale