Thursday, January 31, 2008

Living Cells in Repose

I’m sitting here trying with all my might to lift my fingers and tap out some sort of banal entry to this blog. It’s not like I don’t have a lot to write about: Justin’s birthday bash at the zoo was last Sunday. I attended my second Schlock Cinema class. The film was The Giant of Metropolis, which was an Italian strong man movie from 1963. I also watched The Lady in the Lake, which was based on the Raymond Chandler novel I read recently. It was horribly bad and could have easily have been shown in my Schlock Cinema class. That’s just my humble opinion, but I’m a fan of Raymond Chandler and I thought the film, with it’s experimental main character POV technique, took all the cool out of Phillip Marlowe. But I digress. I was talking about my lethargy when it comes to making a blog entry tonight. I guess part of it is that I don’t feel like staying up to midnight for something so trivial. I’m tired and I’m hoping that Justin will sleep through the night and give me at least 8 hours of sleep myself. He was quite cranky tonight I’m putting my bets on teething. He’s had the telltale drooling for the past two days and nighttime waking. The only teeth left to come in are his top molars.

We had our passport photos taken at the local Bartell Drugs yesterday. The pregnant lady, who worked behind the photo counter, came out to take our photos against a white screen that she pulled down out of thin air. Justin got to go first, standing atop a child’s plastic chair he was all smiles. It took three tries until he was looking directly at the camera, but he looks so cute with his hair all frazzled and his smile. He’ll get us through any border.

I’m taking a break and staying three nights in Edmonds this weekend. The little annoying voice inside my head (freak me out Frank) keeps questioning whether I really need a break from domesticity. Then the voice of reality, which is actually quite loud and commanding replies: OH YES I DO!!! Just a few consecutive days without our cat Lyle yowling in the bedroom upstairs, while Justin is sleeping in the next room. Not to mention that the cats are always on the wrong side of the baby gates. I thought cats could jump? And, yes, as much as I love my son, I could certainly use a break from the fulltime job of stay-at-home dad for a few days. In Edmonds I can walk along the pier, watching the ferries going to and fro. I’ll have the chance to eat some good seafood. I plan on making a stop at the little independent toy store on Main St. to pick up a little something for Justin. He’s only now starting to enjoy the gorilla puppet that I bought there over a year ago. I’ll also feel required to purchase a book or two at the independent bookstore in town.

On Monday I plan to take a drive back into Seattle for lunch and a showing of There Will be Blood. There’s probably another 3 or 4 movies that I’d like to see, but I’m not staying in a hotel in Edmonds to keep driving back to Seattle to see movies. I’ll be ensconced in my room reading, trying to get through Life Itself. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a fascinating book about cell biology and it reads like science fiction sometimes. The inner workings of the living cell are simply amazing now that we’re starting to understand it. It’s just that it’s nonfiction and sometimes I find myself rereading pages to ensure that I’m really getting the gist of it. I’ll also have to bring along a book of short stories on my retreat and some of the recent magazines I’ve picked up, but never seem to have time to read. I was thinking of bringing along Jen’s laptop PC, so that I could write and check e-mail. The desire to relax and enjoy the quietude will be the priorities though. A few weeks after my brief sojourn Jen will be doing the same thing. If you can afford it, getting away home life once in a while is a healthy thing. It certainly helps to keep me from going batshit.

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