Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Already?

New Year’s Day in all its glory! The neighborhood is quiet. It seems that most folks have the day off and are spending it relaxing at home. In this household Jen worked last night, so she’ll be sleeping until at least four o’clock this afternoon. Justin woke up just after 8 this morning, so he’ll probably be laying down for his nap just about noontime. In other words, it’s a routine day for me. Last night I talked to Jen by phone just before midnight. It was a relatively slow night at the clinic and Jen was spending her downtime playing Sudoku puzzles. I didn’t do anything special to ring in the new year. I flipped by some of the network stations that were in Times Square for the official U.S. countdown. I noticed that the crowd had been given this stupid red top hats with a Pontiac ad emblazoned on the front, and that the crowd was freely wearing this advertisement on their head (the part of the body that contains the brain.) I was disturbed enough to shut off cable TV. I watched The Matrix for a while before retiring just after midnight. Nothing to write home about.

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