Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time and Aging

I’m tempted to say “the holidays are over” even though New Year’s Eve is Monday night. Suffice it to say that the holidays are over for us. Jen is working New Year’s Eve and the night after that. Those are usually her days off, but she is needed to fill in during the holidays. After entertaining her parents last weekend and then with two extra days of work this week our free time has been squeezed out of existence. The words “free time” are more likely to earn a chuckle than anything else these days. I’m usually so damn tired in the afternoon when Justin is taking his nap that I end up falling asleep on the couch. If I don’t fall asleep then I regret it later on. But when do I take an hour or so to read? Do I give up movie time in the evening in order to read? It sure would be nice to have a long weekend at Kalaloch to figure what to do with what little free time I have available to me.

Justin is sleeping soundly at the moment. He actually has slept progressively better each night that Jen’s parents have been gone. Justin is not used to someone unfamiliar being here overnight and all day. And I’m sure the vast array of Christmas gifts kept his little motor running overtime. Today he seems to be pretty much back on schedule, which makes life easier for all of us. He’s still putting this new high pitched scream of his to use a little too often. One ear piercing shriek is enough for me, but the frequent succession of them lately is a little nerve wracking. Especially when we’re trying to ignore this behavior, so that we don’t encourage it. We realized that he may have learned this shriek while we were attending the Christmas party put on by the clinic where Jen works. A coworker’s son was sitting across from us and he was being encouraged to shriek in public. (The opposite of the “indoor voice.”) I didn’t think Justin was paying any attention, but evidently he didn’t miss a decibel.

So now I have to decide whether to devote some more time to reading The Third Chimpanzee, or to try and get a movie watched before I go to bed. I have so many DVDs that I have acquired recently that I’d like to watch soon. Films like: If, O Lucky Man, 1900, Blade Runner, The Proposition, The New World. The list goes on. Last night I watched a film from Netflix called Topkapi, starring Melina Mecouri, Maximilian Schell and Peter Ustinov. It was a standard heist flick with action and comedy with a little romance thrown in for spice. In the end it seemed just a little stale. I’m sure upon it’s release in 1964 it probably felt a lot more hip and breezy. Ustinov is always good and the movie certainly had it’s moments. Using a four staring rating system I’d give it ***.

I’m sitting here listening to Dwight Yoakam singing the songs of Buck Owens and I’ve been writing for about a half hour. It would be fun to continue to sit here writing down innocuous thoughts, but time is slipping away. I’m nearly 50! The time I have left to read all the books in my collection is shrinking rapidly. And that’s assuming that I’ll live long enough to be a senior citizen in America. Jen’s dad was just telling me about all the great discounts that seniors get on movies and bus rides! And then there’s hearing aids and a medication schedule! Oh, and regular colonoscopies are right around the corner! I better stop. There’s no use spending the aging process writing about the aging process.

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