Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last Night of Trip

Tonight is my last night back in Massachusetts. It's been a fine visit, which translates to: I could have been a lot busier running around stretching my fragile self much too thin, but I've opted to sleep in each morning and keep my socializing to a minimum. Granted, that sometimes disappoints those around me, but that can't be helped if I hope to keep my sanity on this trip. Tonight I'll be trekking to New Bedford to take in a live show by the Pearly Baker Band at a tiny watering hole called the Bullpen. I made sure to buy some ear plugs yesterday in preparation. You know how these crazy kids are with their rock and roll! Actually, the club is so small that the music is easily too loud and I'm probably already destined for a certain amount of deafness from my previous years of listening to "that crazy rock and roll" at loud volumes. I consciously try to keep the volume of my headphones lower these days, but when I'm listening to QOTSA or the Scorpions I cannot help but turn it up to 11.

My parents are picking me up shortly to treat me to lunch and then I'll spend some time with them before being picked up by my friend Tim, who is the bass player in Pearly Baker. I've enjoyed my visit, but I'm ready to get back home for Thanksgiving and the welcoming arms and my wife and son. Luckily, we don't have much planned for Thanksgiving except dinner at our friends house. That's at five o'clock and we'll have to get Justin back home at about seven, or shortly thereafter, to get him to bed.

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