Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Rainy Sunday

This morning was the members only meeting of the FFRF. It was the last event connected with the convention. Members voted on new board members (all running unopposed.) We also heard financial reports and updates on legal battles. The best news was the FFRF's membership has doubled in the last two years. At the end there was time for an open mike for questions and comments. Of course, there was still some residual anger left over from Hitchens appearance. FFRF is a nonpartisan organization, but it's obvious that the majority of the membership is comprised of liberal minded folks. One complainer compared inviting Hitchens to inviting James Dobson. A comment I found way off the mark. After the meeting I met up with someone from Gig Harbor, Washington, and we went to the Chazen Museum of Art, which is on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. It was quite an impressive museum, especially considering that there was no entry fee. There was a special photographic exhibit called Small Arms: Children of Conflict that was quite moving. Maybe Christopher Hitchens should have taken in that exhibit, but I doubt if it would have changed his mind about bombing innocent citizens. Somehow I think that his intake of Johnnie Walker Red over the years has taken its toll on his compassion. After spending a few hours admiring artwork I went back to my hotel room and slept just over three hours. I'm certainly looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow, which is my last full day in town. I think that I may trek on down to the campus again and take in the geology museum there and tomorrow night there's a showing of Superbad at the Orpheum. By Tuesday morning I'll be ready to get back to Seattle to see my family.

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