Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Low Biorhythms

My energy level has been much too low lately to stay up at night typing away on my blog. Justin has entered a new phase of whining and crying, especially at bedtime. Jen and I keep saying, “we need to sit down and read a book or two. Figure out some kind of game plan.” When he’s wailing like a banshee at bed time going into his room just seems to exacerbate the situation. Tonight I promised myself that I was not going to go into his room in an attempt to sooth him to sleep. I did go up once after about five minutes of screaming. But after that one time I did not go back up and he actually seemed to fall asleep a little more quickly. It’s just past eleven and he hasn’t woken up whining for attention yet. Because of Justin’s erratic sleeping patterns I haven’t been getting much rest either. Jen is also filling in tonight for her boss, so my time off schedule is screwed up this week.

Yesterday was the fourteenth anniversary of my first date with Jennifer. She had answered a personal ad that I had placed in the local alternative rag called The Stranger. We met at a restaurant in Bellevue called Twelve Baskets, which I mistakenly thought was a vegetarian restaurant. It was actually a biblically themed restaurant. I think that meant that the dishes were all based on some biblical origin. Lots of fishes and loaves! I remember that the heretic stew was quite good. The previous week I had been talked into attending a Christian singles weekend by a coworker, at a campground in central Washington. Needless to say, I spent most of my time in the woods reading a book. At the first opportunity I left early with someone else, who had to get back to town and pick up their kid. On my first date with Jen at the Christian themed Twelve Baskets, I recognized two women at an adjacent table from the previous singles weekend. I noticed them sneaking looks my way. I wondered if they overheard Jennifer when she proudly exclaimed that she was an atheist. Fourteen years ago. Last night we celebrated with champagne and pumpkin pie

Tomorrow night I’ll be attending the second of five lectures at UW entitled Religion, Politics, and the Modern American Presidency. I believe that professor Domke will be covering the Scopes trial. That should make for an interesting evening. Now I need to creep upstairs past Justin’s crib and hope that he continues to sleep soundly through the night.

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