Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back Home

I arrived back in Seattle just before 6pm on Tuesday, October 16th. Last night I started attending a lecture series at UW called Religion, Politics, and the Modern American Presidency. This lecture series is the reason I'm now reading American Gospel by Jon Meacham. I'm still readjusting to west coast time and to being back in the role of the full time parent at home with my son Justin. I'm sure that I'll have more thoughts on my recent attendance of the Freedom From Religion Foundation's annual convention as the days go on. Yesterday I drove north to Third Place Books to pick up a signed copy of Stephen R. Donaldson's latest tome entitled, Fatal Revenant. It's the second of four books in the "Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant." The original series is still one of my favorite fantasy tales and I hope to reread them all in the near future. I also bought the latest book by Tom Perrotta, author of Election and Little Children, entitled The Abstinence Teacher. Perrotta continues to probe the lives and mores of middle-class suburbia.

I'd like to close with a recent quote from one of my favorite film directors, David Cronenberg:". . . as an atheist, I believe that your body is you. That's the first and only fact of human existence."

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