Friday, September 7, 2007

a typical day

Today was fairly typical for Justin and I. He woke up about 7:30 this morning and at ten minutes until eight I gave in and got up. After Justin had a breakfast of hot oatmeal and a banana we took a walk to the post office and then the library. I had four items to pick up at the library: Billboard Hot Soul Hits, 1972, Sly & the Family Stone's Life, Treasury of the West, Volume 1, and a novel recently published called Bearing the Body by Ehud Havazelet. I read a glowing review by Francine Prose in a recent NY Times Book Review that prompted me to immediately put it on hold at my nearby library. Of course, now I'm in the middle of reading Sophie's World by I think I might try to fit reading Bearing the Body in the next couple of weeks. It seems like a fairly quick read. At least quick compared to reading the history of philosophy disguised as a novel. But I digress: After the library we stopped off at the toddler playground behind the community center. There was a young mother wearing Jackie-O sunglasses with her two daughters arriving just as we were. No sooner had she set down her latte then her cell phone rang and she was somehow able to monitor her children's safety on the jungle gym, while gossiping, sending her vocalizations digitally and by radio waves to someone who was probably mere blocks away. Justin tottered around, peering sideways at the two young girls who had no interest in him. He picked up handfuls of wood chips and brought them to me. He picked up a half dozen different pine cones, and then, after finding a decent stick, he proceeded to beat various flowers to death. I try to dissuade him and soon he was at his stroller looking for another peanut butter & jelly snack bar. That's was my cue to get him home and start lunch. Jen arrived home as he was having lunch. She had to attend some meeting associated with the daycare co-op that Justin will be attending on Thursday mornings this fall. During Justin's nap I read a chapter and a half of Sophie's World and then proceeded to take a short nap myself. When Justin awoke at about three this afternoon I cut up a Granny Smith apple and we took our victuals to the backyard to enjoy. After his snack, Justin spent quite a bit of time sitting near the cherry trees picking the dandelions that surrounded him. I ran into the house and grabbed my camera, so that I could capture Justin in his element. I'm so glad that he seems to derive such pleasure from his natural surroundings. Nature and books . . . and dancing to good tunes. That's my boy! I gave Justin a bath after his supper and shortly after put him to bed. I read him two books and then got him to lay down. It's the first time that he has fallen asleep without a peep in quite a while. He hasn't awoken yet. Success! I took advantage of the quiet evening to watch one of the two DVDs that I've had from Netflix for a couple of weeks. I just finished watching Becket with Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton. It was a talky historic drama about Thomas Becket (Burton), who Henry II (O'Toole) installed as Archbishop of Canterbury, assuming it would benefit him politically. He hadn't counted on Becket taking his new position so seriously. The implied gay relationship between Henry and Becket wasn't as subtle as I would have expected for a film released in 1964. I almost expected Henry to exclaim at some point to his friend Thomas Becket: "I wish I could quit you." Overall I enjoyed the film quite a bit, partly because I've been reading about philosophical thought in medieval Europe. It made the characters more accessible for me. I'd rate it 4 stars out of 5.

It's now fifteen minutes until midnight. Time to rest up, so that I can do it all over again tomorrow. Oh, I almost to forgot to point out that today is my eleventh wedding anniversary. Eleven years ago, Jen and I got married in the waiting room of her cat hospital in the Berkshires. This was after her regular appointments on a Saturday. Both sets of our parents were there, invited a mere couple of night prior. My parents had been planning on attending a different wedding that day, but thankfully they chose ours when asked. My niece Amanda was also there. The witnesses and videographers was Tracey and Bil Greene. Tracey was skilled and friendly technician that was working for Jen at the time. We were married by a Justice of the Peace. We were in the waiting room, because it was raining that afternoon, but we still were barefoot as we would have been had we been standing in the green grass of the backyard. Now here we are 11 years later with a 19 month old son, who has brought much love and joy into our lives. We are looking forward to sharing the rest of our lives with Justin.

Goodnight John Boy.

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