Saturday, September 8, 2007

Inland Empire

Well, I just gave over three hours of my all-too-brief life to David Lynch and his latest film, Inland Empire. Luckily, I don't mind looking at close-ups of Laura Dern, because her face fills the screen for quite a bit of this digital production. I found the graininess of the digital process distracting at times. I enjoyed Lynch's multi-layered nightmarish vision of Hollywood. At times it seemed a variation on a theme, especially following Mulholland Dr. Laura Harring even shows up at the end of Inland Empire, while the credits are rolling. My first overall impression of the film was that it was a little long at three hours. There's a lot to be sifted through, but I'm not anxious to give up another three hours to it anytime soon. My friend Adam Walter saw it twice in one week upon it's release in the theater. He's written a ten page "mental toolbox" to try and help decipher Lynch's latest vision. I've just printed it out and I'm hoping that reading it will give me a little more insight. At this point I wish I had spent the evening making headway into Sophie's World. Ah well.

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