Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Today was pretty much another in a series of typical days with Justin. Today Jen worked at ACCES, a nearby emergency vet clinic. She usually has Wednesdays off, but has recently filled in a couple of shifts at ACCES. Her goal was a little extra money and to get a feel for how that clinic is run. It's walking distance from our house and has a great reputation. She's pretty happy right where she is though, working at AESE (Animal Emergency Service - East.) Even though she strictly deals with emergency medicine it's a relatively low stress job. She's fairly able to leave work at work. She may talk about the latest interesting case or two, but not the headaches due to bureaucratic bullshit and mismanagement.

Tomorrow morning at eleven Justin will be attending his first co-op session at Victory Heights. Jen will be taking him to these Thursday morning meet-ups. She has also signed him up for another co-op class at North Seattle Community College. That class meets on Wednesday evenings. I've promised Jen that I would attend a number of those classes with Justin. I've also signed up for a lecture series this fall that meets on Wednesday evenings. The lectures are about the merging of right wing Christianity and the world of politics, specifically the current Bush administration. I will have just returned from the FFRF convention in Madison when I start those lectures. Freethinking (my preferred term at the moment) has been gaining space within my meager life as of late. I'm craving nonfiction in my life these days. I've craving meaning and mental sustenance.

This weekend we travel to Canada, more specifically Sidney on Vancouver Island. We'll be there for three nights. Enough time to check out the famous Bushcart Gardens, the butterfly and insect museums. Take Justin for strolls along the seashore. And just generally relax for a few days. We'll be back on Wednesday the 19th and Jen returns to work the next evening.

So we're managing to fit in some fun stuff this summer, with camping and traveling. Justin gets to enjoy all this stuff for the first time and that makes it extra special for his parents. Sounds mushy, and I suppose it is.

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