Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back From the Island

We're back from our two night camping trip to Orcas Island. It rained most of Labor Day, but as we drove out on Tuesday morning the skies began to clear and we had a couple of beautiful days to camp. We stayed at Moran State Park and more specifically site #97 at the north end of Cascade Lake. We joined up with our friends Caroline and Doralee, who had been camping with their son Daniel since the Thursday before Labor Day. Daniel is just a few months older than Justin and they're just getting to the age when it becomes fun to play with another child, especially being chased. For some reason it's no fun being the pursuer though. Everyone wants to be chased . . . or everyone wants to be wanted maybe.

On Wednesday evening by the campfire we planned our trip back home and asked if anyone had an alarm clock. We needn't have asked. Daniel, who was asleep with his parents in the tent adjacent to ours, awoke about five o'clock this morning. It wasn't long before Justin also woke up and then we were soon breaking camp and rushing to make the 9:20 A.M. ferry back to Anacortes. The trip itself went well. After a while we became nonchalant about seeing deer wandering about the campsite. In fact, a doe practically ran into our car as we left town after eating breakfast at Chez Chloe. Justin spent most of his days with either rocks and sticks in each hand, or one of each. And he was always spotting a more attractive stick or rock that prompted him to drop the previously discovered treasure. On the first night we cooked our supper (pasta and salad) by the shore of Cascade Lake, while the two boys romped about. It was even warm enough for a swim the next evening, but Justin didn't think it was warm enough. He was soon standing knee deep in the lake and his entire body shivered as if he was stuck in a meat locker (ew, where'd that image come from?) But he was soon toweled off and in dry clothes scarfing down hot dogs and baked beans. What better camping food could there be?

I didn't think I had the energy to write about the trip tonight, never mind re size and upload photos, but carpe diem, eh? But I'm fading fast. Not even listening to the Scorpions Lovedrive can help. I need to brush my teeth and then crawl up to bed and hope that Justin is ready to sleep until at least 8 o'clock in the morning. He should be exhausted, but kids seem to have an endless reserve of energy. Justin is still pretty mellow compared to most boys I've seen his age. And that's a good thing. Maybe I'll write more details about the trip in the next day or two, but for tonight I'm spent.

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