Monday, September 3, 2007

Already Falling Behind

Here it is September 3rd and I'm already falling behind with my blogging duties. Usually, this is my day off from parenting, but Jen is working today, which makes sense, today being Labor Day and all. Tomorrow we're heading off to Orcas Island for a couple of nights of camping. We pulled out all of our camping gear last night, so it shouldn't take us long tonight to get ready. Camping is never as relaxing as it once was and Jen works especially hard when we camp. I guess because I'm a typically lazy male, I let most of the cooking and cleaning duties fall to her when we're camping. My time is spent trying to keep Justin out of the fire pit and from being swarmed by mosquitoes. Right now Justin is watching a Claymation version of The Little Prince, just so I can have a few minutes to myself. I don't understand what his fascination is with The Little Prince, but he loves that morbid little story.

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