Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today was our semi-regular Bailey/Coy play date. There are five employees (or former employees, like myself) that have children that are about three-years-old and younger. Today we met at Liz's house over off of Greenwood Ave. Justin was more playful (after his usual initial shyness) than he has ever been. He was actually playing with Sid, running about laughing. I guess he's getting to that stage of development when it's okay to start interacting with other children. This fall he is signed up for two daycare co-op classes. I'm sure he'll have a lot more fun than he did in his first class last winter. He's sleeping soundly at the moment. I don't think I have the stamina to stay up and watch a movie tonight...certainly not The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib or Beckett, which are the two films I have out from Netflix currently. Tonight I think I'll read a few chapters in Sophie's World and then try and get a full night's sleep. Nothing is planned for tomorrow, but I've invited my friend Matt over for Saturday night. Jen is working Monday (Labor Day) and then we're heading to Orcas Island on Tuesday for a couple of nights of camping with our friends Carolyn and Doralee with their son Daniel. September is looking to be a busy month with camping trips, the Jethro Tull concert, a trip to Vancouver Island, and a Seattle Mariners game at the end of the month.

Speaking of the Mariners: I think I've given up any hope that they might make it into the postseason. Today they lost their sixth straight game, but more importantly they lost three games to the first place Angels. They were not pretty games either. In game two the Mariners actually scored five runs in the first inning, knocking the Angels pitcher out of the game! But the Mariners ended up losing 10 to 6. Exasperating, to say the least. It will still be fun to get out and see them one more time before the season is over. It's been their best season in about four years. Of course, if they keep up this downward spiral that may change.

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